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Insight and
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Our story
From idea to enterprise
Founders and brothers Terje Bratlie, Morten Bratlie and Gjermund Bratlie tell the story of the VIEW Group. 

To create something new
‘We had a strong desire to create something new together,’ says Terje. 'In 2004, we established what became the first company in Norway to offer its clients a complete range of online finance and payroll services. This was also our contribution to transform an industry whose reputation was conservative and old-fashioned. ’ says Morten. 

From small beginnings 
‘We’ve seen vast development and growth since the start-up. We went ahead and invested in new concepts with a strong belief in our own competence. We ventured into the unknown, with our fingers crossed. Our first client’s satisfaction, sending our first invoice and receiving the first payment were huge milestones,’ says Terje. ‘During the first few years, we worked very long hours. Things don’t just happen overnight,’ continues Gjermund. ‘We try to catch new trends, adapt to markets, but are still faithful to the initial idea,’ Morten adds. ‘Together with all of our employees and loyal clients, we are proud and grateful that the VIEW Group has becomea major player in the market. 

Long-term perspective 
‘The fact that we are brothers is a plus. There are no ownership issues, we all have a long-term perspective and we agree on the group’s vision, says Terje. ‘There is also maybe more loyalty than there would otherwise have been,’ adds Gjermund. 'We brought our experience from technology companies and management of finance departments in large industrial and commercial enterprises. None of us had any experience of accounting, which enabled us to think in new ways. In 2015, we changed our name and profile to VIEW. In many ways, VIEW reflects insight and overview, as well as our wish to continue to be relevant for our clients and employees in the years to come too,’ Morten concludes.